Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Updates on my blog

I'm already done with my simple banner (got lazy to make a more detailed one) so deal with it. I'm still not that satisfied with the results but maybe because I don't like the combination of the colors. This is just a temporary though, will fix it very soon once I have my free time. Right now, I'm much busy doing my year-end project in school and I couldn't access on some internet sites here in the office...it's just too limited! IT SUCKS!

I am planning on tweaking some more and make my own design for the sidebars. *i should watch some tutorials now* It's a lot more different from Tumblr for some reasons of customizing the site. I wanna change my footer and the colors as well.

My first serious, yeah, I mean it! Serious post is serious :P It would be about fashion! I will be having a photoshoot on Friday and the concept is "Color Block" by NRS and WARP. It is a shoot for a cause for Baby LJ who is now suffering from Leukemia. Agreat feeling knowing that from your poses and each smile that you make can contribute for Baby LJ's fast recovery. So excited for it :)

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts. I will keep this blog updated as always!

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