Name : Ellaine Grace L. Regala
Nickname : Eleynie, Bambam
Birthdate : January 23, 1993
Birthplace : Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Age : 19 years old

I'm into fashion and blogging. My previous blog website was Pink of Perfection on Tumblr and now I'm currently starting my blogging life here on Blogspot. I love everything PINK and Hello Kitty stuffs, they catches my attention so easily. An amateur photographer and part-time model (for some of my friends' portfolios).

I love to travel! I love to discover new places and to discover new things about fashion. From this blog, also expect to have all my rants to be published here ;) 

I'm a simple girl with big dreams. I love to be in the beach, park or to unwind on some coolest places on Earth. I'm currently residing in Doha, Qatar where temperature reaches 40 degrees celcius on summer and below 10 degrees on winter. A Multimedia Student during nightime and a full time Secretary at the morning till afternoon.

My passion is dancing! I don't know how to explain and express my life without dancing. I've gone so far with the help of my dancing career. I've been to tabloids, press and some TV shows here in Qatar, guestings, photo shoots and much more.

A 19 years old who is inlove with a 29 years old man, named Carlos Cristi. Age doesn't matter when you love somebody :) Started writing our love story since March 8, 2012 and will continue writing about it to infinity and beyond!