Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HAUL - One Monday Night

It is just so fun knowing that you're always on the right track ;)

Some of the sweet loots that I bought last night from Splash. I just love the colors! It's so summer-ish <3 Actually, I am preparing my closet for my Lookbook page update. I've already posted one comback outfit post there from my photoshoot last Friday. So now, I'm getting more stuffs for myself and planning to have some DIY accessories too. Nevertheless, I still need to consider some limitations regarding my shopaholic attitude. Ugh, the attack of my compulsive demands!

 Here are some of my loots from last night's.

These cute cardigans that I bought are too comfy <3 I gave the red and white cardi's to my little sister :)
These summer outfits are just too cute to die for!
Look at these lovely prints and lace that gives an earthy feeling and a bit of Boho accent.
Example of an attention-seeker clothes! Just take a look at the details.
 My super chic bandage skirts.
Because it's already summer, it's a must to have this kind of dress code :)
My cute accessories haul :)
Believe me, I'm a huge collector of headbands <3

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  1. Great post! Love it!


    1. Thank you so much <3

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